Ir. Koentjoro.

Direktur Utama
Gubug, 2 Juli 1970

Along with his gentle and charming characte, Ir. Koentjoro had been successfully built his professiona career with PT. Hutama Karya (Persero). He started his career as a Site Engineer in Kantor Wilayah Hutama Karya Cabang VII, Semarang, Central Java. He is a very friendly and humble person, later in 1993, he was positioned as the Manager on the same representative office. Three years later, Ir. Koentjoro led Mahkan II Bridge project in Tenggarong, East Kalimantan. His professional career then continously flying, until on 2008 he was positioned as the Vice General Manager of Hutama Karya Wilayah V, Makassar.

His profesionalism didn't stop there, he always enhance his knowledge in the ifrastructure and construction industry.He was leading the construction of Pare-pare II Toll Road in South Sulawesi. Completing his experience with Hutama Karya, he was successfully completed the project of Mojokerto - Kertosno II Toll Road, Central Java. After years of hardworking, in 2011, he was joining Hutama Karya's management as the General Manager Wilayah VII, East Java, Central Java, and D.I. Yogyakarta.

Before accepting the offering as HK Realtindo's President Director, he was the General Manager for Hutama Karya Divisi Gedung. Holding years of experience in the industry with Hutama Karya, guiding the alumni of Civil Engineering of Diponegoro University possesses a wide knowledge in the industry. Now, this four children Dad, with his years of experiece in infrastructure and construction industry, he is optimistic to bring HK Realtindo to grow bigger and to become Indonesia's most reliable and prominent developer.

Taufik Hendra Kusuma, Ak, MBA, CPA, CPMA, AFP, BKP

Direktur Keuangan & Sumber Daya
Tanjung Karang, 27 July 1976.

Blessed by a very well-built Financial Study and exeriences, tagging Taufik Hendra Kusuma as a Finance and Human Resource Director of PT. HK Realtindo. Taufik is the best graduation of State Accounting School (STAN) and a cum laude of School of Business, Postgraduate School Gadjah Mada University. He born in Lampung, on July 27th 1976.

With his academical bakground, Taufik is also a respected lecturer in Bina Nusantara University, Universitas Indonesia, and STIE SEBI Jakarta. Before joing HK Realtindo, he started his career path in Padan Pengawasan Keuangan dan Pembangunan (BPKP) as Senior Auditor in 2004.

In between his extra-busy days, his now in his way acquiring his Doctoral programme in Universitas Trisakti. Taufik was a Finance Analyst and Investment Manager in PT. XSYS International, he also was a CFO and The Director of Investmesnt, Development, and Business Controlling in PT. Radiant Centra Nusa.

Joining this super best team, Taufik is about to develop HK Realtindo to be the greatest developer company. He focuses to cultivate financial management, planning, asset, and resources of HK Realtindo with the best inovasion, passion, and vision, to bring this subsidiary of state-owned company PT. Hutama Karya (Persero) be the very first choice in this industry.

Hendy Pagar Alam, SE.

Direktur Komersial
Jakarta, 6 Oktober 1970

This smiley and warm person posseses a very professional experience in Marketing and Commercial Business. He is Hendy Pagar Alam, who sits on Director Commrcial desk of HK Realtindo. He graduated from Faculty of Economic, Bandar Lampung University.Hendy started his career as Opreational Manager in PT. Trans Bandar Taksi and PT. Sinara several years ago. Hendy was also the Alumni of the first graduation of Lemhanas.

His smooth career path continued in Agro Manunggal Group. In property and development industry, he opened his insightful wisdom of business with Lippo Group as a General Marketing until 1999. Then he joined Tripadi Group as Director of Marketing. He also was a well-achieved part of Bakrie Group as a Vice President Customer Service in Bakrie Financial Services.

Later, Hendy joined PT. Gapura Prima as Director of Marekting and Operational. since he was the General Manager for ESQ Way 165, he lives with the popular 7 specialized character, they are Honesty, Visioner, Care, Responsible, Discipline, Teamwork, and Fair. Along with these expereinces and characters, now, he leads Marketing and Sales, Business Development, Unit Bisnis Diversifikasi Properti, and Business Unit of Hotel, Hospital, Apartment, and Recurring Income as Director Commercial in HK Realtindo.

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