To Be A Reliable and Leading Property Developer.


Create Value for the Stakeholder
As a part of developing country, we ensure ourselves to give more values and positivities for the stakeholders and public.

Align Lifestyle and Nature
We develop our high quality projects to support enviromental aspect with lifestyle. We conduct a pro-active approachment ‚Äčto support sustainability development.

Integrate Creativity and Character
We create a wide and airy working enviroment for creaktivity. We challange ourselves to innovate and striving to discover the best way in developing a project, without ignoring our identity and character along to acquire good comany governance.


These below three are the core values we believe in and we reflect in our professional attitude.

Trusted: Maintaining the trust of the stakeholders professionally, highly discipline, and integrity.

Efficient: Keeping up the efficiency in quality in every company activity.

Care: We care about our customer, quality, and employees.

HK Realtindo