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Create more space at Home with the following steps

In the midst of pandemic conditions like today, the house becomes the safest place. In addition, the house is also a place to gather, relax, unwind, share laughter and happiness with loved ones.

However, when the house is full of things, it certainly feels stifling. You can't move freely and the eyes are pleasant. The condition of the house that lacks empty space can indirectly interfere with the mood.

If you start to feel this way, you should take immediate action to overcome it.

But, how?

Calm down, no need to worry, here are some ways you can do so that the space in the house becomes more.


  1. Start sorting and selecting items

First, all you can do is sort and select the items that are in the house. You have to sort out the items in the house first, separating between items that you often use every day. After being sorted, then you have to choose which items are still good / worth using.

In this case, you have to determine what items you need to store and not. Items that are not used, you can throw away or resale if it is still worth using but not needed.


  1. Rearrange the items you will store

Items to be stored can be grouped based on the usefulness of the item. This aims in addition to the goods to look neat, this rearrangement can facilitate in finding the necessary items.

In addition to being grouped by usability, for goods that are smaller in shape, it is better to put in a container made of clear plastic. This is to make it easier to find the goods to be used.

It is even better if it is labeled on each item that has been grouped. Of course, this is to make it easier to find the item you are looking for.


  1. Maximize the Main Room

The main place in this is between your shoulders and knees. This place is the right location to put important items that are used daily.

This is the principle of arranging goods in the common home. Based on parallel to the angle of view of the eye. So that you can easily reach out and quickly find it.

So, think about items that are often used, then put them in places that you often see.


  1. Take Advantage of Vertical Space

From now on you should not ignore the empty space above the head or parallel to the feet. Both spaces are worth using to put items that are rarely used.

However, its application does not make it difficult for you. Simply maximize the space that is out of sight but easy to reach.

For example a box full of books or heavy items needs to be put down. While light items are on top. Whether it's hung or just above the closet.


  1. Use furniture according to the area of the room

After you rearrange the goods and create more space in the house, the last step that needs to be considered is the selection of new goods products.

You should measure the empty space before buying and adjust to the new home appliances. Do not let there be another narrowing of the space in the house.

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