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Indent's house? Check out the following explanation...

Indent house is a dwelling that is sold in the form of a design and in a state that has not been built by the developer. Prospective buyers will get an idea of the house from a mockup (miniature property), floor plan, or other houses in the vicinity that have been finished.

The process of building a new indent house will be carried out after the purchase quota has been met, and prospective buyers agree and make payments, both cash and credit / mortgage. Usually in the process of building an average indent house takes 12 months to 24 months until the house is ready to be inhabited by buyers.

The purpose of the developer in selling indent houses, because the developer will rely on funds from buyers to be used in the construction of a house. In an indent home purchase scheme, you can use several ways to buy an indent house. Starting from the purchase through a property agent, Home Ownership Loan (KPR) to the developer or Sharia mortgage to the bank.

For purchases with a mortgage system, usually the developer will work with the bank to provide loan facilities. Mortgage payments for indented homes are usually received by developers from buyers since the home loan agreement has been signed. If the payment is with kpr, the process of building indent houses will be carried out by the developer after the mortgage process is completed.

Benefits gained if you buy an indent house:

  • Cheaper House Prices

Usually the developer who offers indented houses at a much cheaper price when compared to ready stock houses, depending on the location of the house will be built.

  • Home Design as desired

Because the house to be purchased has not been built, so you can determine for yourself the design of the house according to your wishes.

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