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Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying an Indented Home

Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying an Indented Home

After previously discussing Indent Houses, you need to know in advance the advantages and disadvantages if you buy a House with an Indent House system.

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Advantages of Indent House

Some of the following advantages you will get if you buy a house with an Indent system.

House Prices Are Cheaper

The price of indent houses offered is relatively cheaper compared to ready stock houses because the building does not yet have the physical form of the building.

The price comparison offered is usually quite large, depending on the construction site, infrastructure and the type of house to be built.

Free to Choose Home Position

with the indented house system you can determine for yourself the desired residential position, in contrast to the ready-to-live house that has been determined.

As long as the chosen place has not been filled by other buyers, you do not need to worry if you want to choose the location of the house.

Home Design Request

The design of the house to be built you can determine yourself following the existing design or follow the design of the house you want. But keep in mind you have to use your own costs for the cost of architect services.

You can change or add the look of the desired home design. But keep in mind for this you use your own costs such as the cost of architect services.

Lots of Interesting Promos

The developer of the indent house usually offers promos in the form of discounts, residential installments to various attractive gifts, so do not miss the promo to reduce the down payment fee.

Can be paid

Rumah Inden offers installment options with a maximum tenor period of 24 months if taking occupancy with Sharia mortgage.

Development can be monitored

Development can be monitored directly to the location to see the progress of development, it can make you more confident and can estimate how long the dwelling will be completed.

Profitable Investments

Currently, the price of occupancy will increase from year to year. By buying an indented house that was originally purchased at a low price will have an investment value that continues to rise so that it can become a profitable asset.

Inden House Losses

Indent houses do have a fairly promising advantage, but here are some disadvantages that you should consider if you want to buy an indented house.

Not Ready to Live

If you buy an indented house then you have to be patient first to be able to inhabit the house that has been purchased. This is because the construction period of indented houses varies, depending on the choice of houses to be built, ranging from 12 months for 1-level homes to 18 to 24 months.

Home Design Not In Agreement

Sometimes after completion of construction, the design of the indent house does not match what is in the brochure at the time of the offer, such as the size of the building, specifications and so on that make you have to do renovations.

Risk of Failure to Build a Dwelling

The next loss that is most experienced by indented houses is the house failed to wake up because it was stopped by the developer. The reasons range from land disputes, legality, to fraud on the part of developers.

In order to avoid failing to wake up, first browse the developer's track record.

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