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President Director's Message

Since HK Realtindo (HKR) was established, we are committed to responding to the demands of a rapidly developing market and to support the needs of the Indonesian people. With this commitment, HKR won public trust and continued to record progress. Our financial performance grows every year, in line with developments in the property market and the absorption capacity of the community.

This proud achievement cannot be separated from the support of PT. Hutama Karya (Persero) as our holding company. Through the pride we have gained from a long history, we focus on always giving the best to our stakeholders and increasing our product offerings of the highest quality. Synergizing with experienced and highly dedicated people, we give all our capabilities and maximize our contribution to the growth of the company.

In developing the Company, we carry out broader synergy with outside parties, especially with other companies (SOEs). Therefore, we built a solid synergy innovation concept.

This branding strategy focuses on four aspects that we believe will enhance the value of the HKR business portfolio. We greatly value partnerships and collaborations regarding the strategic choices of business partners that will lead us to reach our main goals. HKR expands the company is network to develop various projects. The development of community-owned land which is cooperated by HKR will be a liaison for land developers such as local governments (municipalities) or private companies or both in cooperation (joint ventures). HKR is also actively supplying a national backlog where we will help provide supplies for government housing programs.

In addition, because our parent company manages, builds and develops the Trans Sumatra Toll Road, HK Realtindo is believed to be the only developer managing development in the Trans Sumatra Toll Road environment. Furthermore, through BUMN synergy, we will collaborate with other SOEs such as PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero), PT Angkasa Pura (Persero), PT. Aneka Tambang Tbk, PT Inhutani and many other companies to optimize and utilize their assets. Through the development of government assets, HKR will actively contribute to the utilization of available government land.

In the future, we are ready to participate in global competition. Supported by advanced technology information systems and a spirit of innovation, we are always optimistic to accept new challenges and opportunities that arise with stronger performance.

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